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Ambassadors for Christ 

International Fellowship Assembly Inc.


We invite you to find out more information about Ambassadors For Christ International Fellowship Assembly and consider becoming apart. If you are looking for networking opportunities or in search of a covering for your ministry, A.F.C.I.F.A. has something for you.

Who can become a Member of AFC? Membership into the Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly is open to independent individuals such as clergy, businesses, Churches, Fellowships, Missions, and Non-Profit Organizations of like faith and beliefs.

Do AFC have different categories of levels of Membership?

Yes we Do! here are the different categories that you can choose from in Membership....

1. Apostolic Covering: Joining in as apostolic covering allows you full access to all benefits of the fellowship.

2. Kingdom Partnership: Joining in as Kingdom Partnership allows you be in partnership and a supporter with us through fellowship while maintaining your current membership with your denomination/organization.

3. Business/Corporate Affiliation: we AFC do serve as a Spiritual covering and as a advisor of the for-profit Businesses and for Non-Profit Organizations.

4. UIF Alliance of Apostles & Bishops: Joining the AFC through the AOAB allows you to join in fellowship, Training and Development session in becoming better Leaders, Apostles, Bishops and Pastors etc.

Are there Any monthly or yearly Assessments?

No there are NO Monthly assessments or yearly assessments.

What do I have to pay to Join?

Nothing at all however we do accept seed offerings, tithes, and donations for the advancement of the fellowship at your own free will.

What We Offer...

*Unconditional Love and Support from leadership and your A.F.C.I.F.A. family

*Fellowship with likeminded believers

*Growth of your Ministry and/or Business through networking opportunities

*Covenant Relationships and Partnerships


*Empowering Conferences, Crusades and Seminars


*Counseling for Pastors and Church Leaders

*Accountability and Dependability

*Ministry Covering

*Watch care & Church Placement for those in search of a Local Place of Worship

*Help and Assistance (as available)

*Ministerial Credentialing (Licensing & Ordination)

* Assistance in Church Planting

*Ministry and Church Charters

*Incorporation and 501 (c)3 Preparation Assistance

*Leadership Development & Advancement

*Certification of Church Workers

*Consultation Services (Administrative Set-Up, Music & Media Ministry Set-Up, Audio/Visual Ministry Set-Up and Integration, Financial Protocol Set-Up)

*Educational Development and advancement

*Access opportunities for ordination, education, pastoral development, and planning for current and future benefits. 

To fill membership form click the red button.