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Ambassadors for Christ 

International Fellowship Assembly Inc.


The Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly Inc. Which is known as A.F.C. (Ambassadors for Christ) It is a Five-Fold, Worldwide Christian gathering of like-minded Christ centered leaders from various nations and tongues who have obtained a like-minded Spirit and a precious faith and share a common goal in advancing the Kingdom of God through collaboration, synergy and fellowship in the Holy Ghost. The Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly Inc. was founded and Birthed in the year of 2022. however, before 2022 in June of 2019 after moving to Detroit Michigan the Lord begin to impart great purpose and vision for something new in Apostle Timothy T. Green Sr. while waiting on his season for the birthing the Holy Spirit moves on Apostle Green to return to Florida and gives him an assignment that seems nearly impossible to begin and complete. 

And then to face the pandemic in March of 2021 then becoming stricken with Covid-19 while Apostle Green was on his sick bed received a vision from the Lord of the Holy Spirit where God show him a vision of an assembly and him standing in the middle of the assembly of believers the Spirit of the Lord shows him four groups of people one group defeated another group hungry and another dying and the last group blind, while Apostle Green battled with trying to understand this vision of 2 years the Spirit of the Lord speaks to our Apostle "Build me an Assembly of ambassadors for Christ. Through hardship trials and tribulations and even in doubt for a moment he still had to give birth while full of Vision that was ready to be birthed. The birthing process was not easy for him, but he obeyed and accepted the will and the call of God. 

Through physical sickness betrayal, pain and stress, God spoke and showed him yet another vision of Seeds in buckets that was ready to be planted and threw that Vision the Ambassadors for Christ was birthed. God showed him a Global ministry that would include planting churches and ministries around the world. So, after the visions been shown to him, he then begins to put those visions in action that got together with Apostle Jones for wisdom and council, after that Bishop Green contacted Apostle CW Washington, Prophet Nicholas Whitehead, Bishop Eric Collins, and Apostle BC Hightower from that meeting the birthing and formation of Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly Inc. Began. The AFC currently has over 40 Churches globally. Under the leadership of Apostle Timothy T Green Sr.