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Ambassadors for Christ 

International Fellowship Assembly Inc.



The Purpose of AFC is to become and maintain in being an International Kingdom focused Network of Christian believers intertwined together for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God and strengthening the body of Christ not just within the church but also within the marketplace. Our Main purpose is to be true Ambassadors for Christ and become effective Soul winners for the kingdom of God. It is our desire to build a network of Ministers, Business Owners, Pastors, Churches, Evangelistic Ministries, Christian Organizations and Everyday Christian Believers who are committed to partnering our resources together, so that we can all achieve our goals and fulfill our destiny to impact the World with the Saving Power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is our greatest purpose of glorifying God and winning souls for the Kingdom of God and bringing others into a full rewarding life.

It is also the purpose of this reformation to bring integrity, accountability, stability, dependability, loyalty, financial recourses and Commitment back to the church by strengthening and developing God driven and Bible centered leadership and membership. Our purpose and soul priorities are Soul winning and Soul Maintaining. It is also the Purpose of this movement to serve, educate, equip, empower, and expand we stand on these five foundational pillars bringing relationships into the church and to our communities, by raising up the next generation of leaders in every area through leadership and discipleship, and people caring for and about people through service. More than ever before we're focusing on building the individual, ministering to the human needs and compounding our impact in a consistent rhythm of leading people to discover their true self in Christ. As the Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly church family, we are as one family as we continue to touch the lives of others and strengthen our impact in 2022 with infinite mobilization, we invite you into our journey in an ultimate faith gesture that’s building Upon learning from the past to create an innovative present sowing into the future and believing for a divine impact throughout the World.

The Mission:

The Mission of Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship assembly is SOUL WINNING AND SOUL MAINTAINING. We accomplish this by loving and welcoming all souls and educating, equipping, empowering, through Christ Jesus by his Word therefore to expand and develop the individuals into true Ambassadors for Christ. Through our mission we aim to pattern ourselves as Christ Centered Believers and as people of excellence within our churches and communities. It is our mission to begin and complete the work of the total man. It is our mission as believers to serve humanity and to care for the needs of the people and to support as well as promote spiritual growth in the Lord. It is our deepest desire to render assistance toward the spiritual and personal growth of these Leaders and members of the Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly incorporated. 

It is our mission to enhance the Spirit man for a desire for evangelism to compel non-believers to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and welcome them in as  members of the body of Christ, helping them to develop a Christ like maturity, and equip them for effective ministry in and outside of the church and missions in the world, as to bring honor and glory to Gods Holy name. We believe that our goal is to help others to grow spiritually so that they can help others. Therefore, our mission is to provide instruction, guidance, and opportunity via God's Word because we are in "Training to Reign". 


Our vision is to take His word and communicate it to humanity with simplicity, clarity, accuracy and power; not to become conformed to the building but use the building (church) to train men and women, old and young, how to go out and spread the good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to remain relevant through our service to the Lord and to others in a biblical and practical manner. The Ambassadors for Christ envisions the body of Christ, by unifying, strengthening and executing the word of God through power and demonstration. It is our earnest endeavors to be an intricate part of educating the household of God with revelatory knowledge and immeasurable faith. 

We envision a unified church, with a common cause to expand beyond racial, denominational and gender barriers taking the good news of the gospel to all people. Our fellowship is founded on Love, Unity, Fellowship and faith. The Vision of Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly is to unite churches, ministries and individuals who are dedicated to partnering in Kingdom Building initiatives. Our aim is to positively impact the Kingdom, by building kingdom oriented lifestyles and ministries. 

 Ambassadors for Christ International Fellowship Assembly vision and goal is to gather the disenfranchise leaders; those who have been abuse, mistreated, overlooked, by mainstream Christian organizations and provide a true Apostolic covering. 

It is the vision of this fellowship to be an International Apostolic Hub; our call is to be a meeting place and training center to bring forth the warriors in the Kingdom of God. We desire to be a center that dispatches dynamic teams, ministries, and individuals who are climate changers by the authority of Jesus Christ. We want to recognize, grow, mature, affirm consecrate and equip bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Preachers, and Evangelist for the work of the Kingdom. And by this we also envision to become a safe haven knowing that in these tough economic and personal times it is our desire to be a place of refuge for the hurting, scared, and discouraged men and women of God. It is our vision to create teams of empowered people following in their gifting and calling while building up and perfecting the body of Christ. 

The church must shift from the one man show mentality, because the task is too large. Creating teams that walk in the authority and power of Jesus Christ helps to create an environment where change is not only desired, but eminent. In the very nature of the apostolic, these teams will be SENT OUT to operate in their gifting and be a blessing unto the body of Christ.